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What makes MLB Classes unique?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What makes MLB Classes unique?

Demo class prior to joining : MLB Classes is the only educational Institution which provides trial classes before the submission of total fee so that the students can make an informed decision about their exam preparation.

2. What was the performance of MLB Classes in Boards?

No additional tuition required : We are a one stop solution to help students with both school and competition syllabus through a coordinated and well-synchronized approach.

3. Do MLB Classes only focus on competitive examinations?

Best-in-class Faculty : Our pool of professors are highly dedicated, well qualified, and experienced to employ unique teaching methodologies which are guaranteed to improve every students performance.

4. What about the faculty at MLB Classes?

Exclusive Study Material : We provide exhaustive academic resources like updated, research-based study material with comprehensive and high-quality content that ensures a proper understanding of all concepts.

5. What is MLB Classes known for?

Attendance and Performance monitoring : A record of the student's performance & attendance is maintained, regularly updated, and periodically shared with their parents. This encourages discussion and feedback among the students, teachers and parents..

6. How was the MLBians performance in IIT Examinations?

Regular Examination and Analysis : Our periodic tests not only help our students to understand their weaknesses, but also gives them an estimate of their comparative performance and overall progress in the course. This helps students to benchmark and improve their preparation further.

7. Are there any tests conducted along with lectures on weekly or monthly basis?

Doubt Clearing Session : In order to ensure proper personal attention, students are given extra doubt clearing sessions whenever required or requested.

8. Are there any special batches at MLB Classes for extraordinary students?

Discipline : Strict discipline is a mandate and is monitored through the use of CCTV cameras. This not only to ensures safety of students, but also develops a sense of responsibility and accountability in the students as well as the staff.
Fully ventilated, spacious, air-conditioned classrooms : Our facility is scientifically designed with proper acoustics and seating plans to enhance the learning experience while maintaining concentration of the students.
Library Facility : Our library contains an exhaustive collection of books and other reading material which provides content about all relevant subjects. Thus, we can safely say that MLB classes is your all-in-one solution to learn and prepare relevant subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for all kinds of competitive examinations.